Excitement surrounding the upcoming "Whisper Me a Love Song" anime has taken an unexpected turn as studio Cloud Hearts and Yokohama Animation Lab announce a shift in the release schedule. Originally slated for January 2024, fans will now have to exercise patience until April 2024 to embark on this romantic journey.

Adding a twist to the tale, director Xin Ya Cai, who was initially at the helm of the series, has stepped down due to health reasons. Stepping into the director's chair is Akira Mano, renowned for their work on "Ghost Hunt." As fans send their best wishes to Xin Ya Cai for a swift recovery, the anime community eagerly anticipates the fresh perspective Akira Mano will bring to "Whisper Me a Love Song."

To sweeten the deal, the first official trailer for the series has been unveiled, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the world of the anime. The trailer introduces the main cast, leaving fans intrigued and eager for more details. As the anticipation builds, the delay seems poised to heighten the excitement surrounding "Whisper Me a Love Song." Stay tuned for further updates as the April 2024 release date approaches.

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