Tomonori Inoue's latest manga series, "Manatsu no Grey Goo," has ended with its 40th and final chapter published on Friday via Kodansha's Magazine Pocket app. The series, which started its serialization in June 2022, follows the story of three high school friends, Manatsu Kurashiki, Tsumugi Midorikawa, and Ayano Yamaji, who find themselves trapped in a town under lockdown due to a nano machine attack.

As they struggle to survive and find a way out, they witness their teacher being devoured by a swarm of ants, leading them to discover the horrifying truth behind the attack. The fourth volume of the manga will be released on March 16, while the fifth and final volume is scheduled for release on May 17.

Inoue is known for his previous works, such as "Coppelion," which was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine in 2008 and later adapted into a television anime series. Inoue also created "Candy & Cigarettes," which was serialized in Kodansha's Young Magazine the 3rd in January 2017 before moving to Monthly Young Magazine in May 2021. The series concluded in July 2021, and its 11th and final volume was published in November 2021 by Kodansha.