Kore Yamazaki's popular manga series "The Ancient Magus Bride" and new series "Ghost and Witch" have gone on hiatus, as announced by their official Twitter account. "The Ancient Magus Bride" concluded its "Gakuin" (College) arc with the release of its 19th volume and will return with the new "Kemono" (Beasts) arc. Meanwhile, "Ghost and Witch" has released its first volume before going on hiatus.

Originally launched in 2013, "The Ancient Magus Bride" has gained widespread popularity and sold over 10 million copies. The series has also inspired an anime adaptation, a prequel OVA, and a recent OAD project. The upcoming second season of the anime will premiere in Japan on April 6.

Fans of the manga will have to wait for the new arc, but they can still enjoy the spinoff manga and supplement books released by Seven Seas Entertainment. As for "Ghost and Witch," readers will have to be patient for the return of the new series.