I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying another episode of Revenger! The tension keeps building as everything falls apart, and the show is doing an excellent job of playing with audience expectations and upping the ante.

One of the standout moments of this episode is the opening conversation between Usui and Saimon Shishido. What starts as a discussion about art quickly reveals itself to be a test of Saimon's sincerity, and it's a great example of solid writing that shows the writers' control of the craft.

But the conversation also reflects on the role of art in Raizo's life. Usui uses it as an opportunity to encourage Raizo to consider a different path after everything is over, and to recognize the value of his artistic talents. While Raizo's actions as a warrior may have been necessary, they still involved taking lives and dedicating himself to ending others. This realization creates an opportunity for him to break away from that path and pursue a different kind of beauty.

The subplot with Soji, the nun, and the gambling house is also excellent, moody stuff that adds to the overall tension of the episode.

Overall, I'm enjoying the way Revenger is playing with its central conceit and keeping the stakes high. It's going to be sad when the season ends!