New Mirage Queen Anime "Kaitō Queen no Yūga na Kyūka" Green-lit

Fans of the Kaitō Queen franchise were pleasantly surprised on Sunday when the "Mirage Queen Prefers Parties" event announced the production of a new anime series titled "Kaitō Queen no Yūga na Kyūka" or "Mirage Queen's Elegant Vacations." Even the original novelist, Kaoru Hayamine, was unaware of the announcement until the event.

The Kaitō Queen novels follow the story of a phantom thief queen who can steal anything they desire, with their gender, age, and nationality unknown. Accompanied by their partners Joker and RD, they travel around the world in an airship.

The first Kaitō Queen short story was published by Hayamine and Kadokawa in 2000, with the first full-length novel "Mirage Queen Prefers Circus" releasing in March 2002. The series has continued to grow, with the latest novel releasing in July 2021.

The franchise received its first screen adaptation in June 2022 with the original video anime "Mirage Queen Prefers Circus." The series was directed by Saori Den and starred Yūga Yamato as the title Queen. The anime was licensed for streaming by HIDIVE and was released in Thai theaters by Japan Anime Movie (JAM) Thailand in February 2023.

The new anime series, "Kaitō Queen no Yūga na Kyūka," is sure to excite fans of the franchise and bring the mysterious and thrilling world of the Mirage Queen to life once again.