My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 136 Review

This episode of My Hero Academia isn't simply a fight between Deku and his classmates, but rather an intervention to save him from himself. Deku's friends care about him and want to remind him of the countless people who love him and want what's best for him. As each member of Class A rushes to Deku's side, they recall small moments where he made a difference in their lives, not through his power or strength, but through his simple kindness.

However, Deku is unable to see this as he is still haunted by the memories of the last battle and the fear that people will get hurt or die if they stand in his way of All For One. He sees himself as a threat to those around him, and every time he slips or powers through his friends' hold, it reinforces this belief.

The episode is a culmination of Deku's self-destructive altruism, and it's heartwarming to see his friends put their all into bringing him back from destroying himself. The moment when Iida, with the entire class backing him up, finally catches up to Deku is the perfect choice, and it's a satisfying callback to when Deku leapt forward to keep Iida from going down a dark path.

The return of the iconic track "You Say Run" is the perfect cherry on top of it all, and it crystallizes the moment Class A becomes heroes in their own right. Bakugo's apology is also a long-awaited moment, and it's impactful to see him finally call Deku by his name and bear every nasty insecurity that led him to bully Deku in the past.

Overall, "Deku vs Class A" is a thrilling, heartbreaking episode that brims with long-awaited payoffs and lands brilliantly. However, it's important to note that this isn't simply a fight, but rather an intervention to save Deku from himself.

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