Meishi Murakami's "I... Don't Want to Work Anymore. I Quit Being an Adventurer For Good and You Can't Stop Me." manga has been added to Manga UP! Global's lineup. The manga follows the story of Ex, an E-rank adventurer who decides to quit his job after five years of struggling at the guild. Despite being belittled for only using beginner magic, it turns out that Ex has a special trait that sets him apart.

The manga is an adaptation of Bakuen's novel of the same name, which began serialization on the Shōsetsu ni Narō website in November 2020 and is ongoing. The novels are illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka and published by SB Creative, with the second volume released in March 2022.

"I... Don't Want to Work Anymore" was launched on the Gangan Online website in 2021 by Meishi Murakami, known for their work on "I Was a Bottom-Tier Bureaucrat for 1,500 Years" manga. The third volume of the series is set to release on May 11th.

The concept of quitting one's job and pursuing one's dreams is one that many people can relate to, making "I... Don't Want to Work Anymore" an interesting and engaging read. The story follows Ex as he faces the challenges of leaving behind a steady job and venturing into the unknown. With a special trait that sets him apart, Ex is determined to never work again and live life on his own terms.

For fans of the original novel and newcomers alike, the manga adaptation is sure to provide a fresh and exciting perspective on the story of Ex and his journey towards a life of freedom and self-discovery. With Meishi Murakami's talent for storytelling and compelling characters, "I... Don't Want to Work Anymore" is definitely a manga worth checking out.