The Edens Zero franchise is gearing up for its second season, and fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere on April 1st. The official website for the anime recently announced that ASCA will perform the ending theme song "Rinne" (Reincarnation Cycle), while Takanori Nishikawa will perform the opening theme song "Never say Never." With such talented musicians on board, the upcoming season promises to be a musical treat for fans of the franchise.

The first season of Edens Zero premiered in Japan in April 2021, and ran for 25 episodes. It was well-received by audiences and critics alike, and the show began streaming on Netflix outside of Japan in August 2021. The series is based on the manga of the same name by Hiro Mashima, who also created the popular series Fairy Tail and Rave Master.

Edens Zero follows the story of Shiki, a boy who has lived his entire life among machines in an abandoned amusement park called Granbell Kingdom. One day, he meets Rebecca and her cat companion Happy, who are the first humans to visit the park in a hundred years. Together, they embark on a space adventure filled with danger, action, and humor.

The anime's chief director is Shinji Ishihara, who has worked on other popular series like Fairy Tail and Log Horizon. Yūshi Suzuki directed the anime, but unfortunately passed away on September 9, 2021. Mitsutaka Hirota oversaw and wrote the series scripts, while Yurika Sako designed the characters for animation.

The Edens Zero franchise is not limited to just the anime and manga. It is also inspiring two video games: a 3D action RPG for consoles, and a top-down RPG for mobile devices. Both games are being developed by Konami, a renowned game development company.

In conclusion, the upcoming second season of Edens Zero promises to be another thrilling adventure for fans of the franchise. With its talented musicians, experienced directors, and engaging storyline, the anime is sure to capture the hearts of viewers around the world. And with the release of two exciting video games, fans have even more to look forward to in the future.